Stan Cadwallader: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Stan Cadwallader

Stan Cadwallder

Stan Cadwallader is a 71-year-old Hawaiian born firefighter and businessman. He is well known amongst the media for his famous Same-Sex marriage to Jim Nabors (late), who was also a famous American Comedian. He had kept his relationship status as a single until 2012 when Gay marriage was granted legal status in Seattle.

Stan had been blessed with a Victorian lead’s looks and physique. He is not only romantically tall and broad but his Aqua Blue eyes, quite harmoniously contradict his gray hair. It can be assured that during his 20s and 30s he had swayed millions of female hearts. Even if he didn’t swing that way.

  • Net Worth of Stan Cadwallader and His Late Partner

Cadwallader had collected quite a sum during his service as an honorable fireman in Hawaii but it was only after he had partnered up with America’s favorite Comedian and actor Jim Nabors that his Net Worth boomed. He now has $25 million of fortune in his name, which is only a rough estimate.

He had not been very public about his earnings but his late partner, Jim Nabors had accumulated a good amount of $15 million in his lifetime. He had been part of The Andy Griffith Show as Gomen Pyle. Stan Cadwallader is also a talented musician and lived a formidable life.

It’s expected of Stan as his Partner to inherit most of his fortune because they adopted none of their own. Apart from Jim’s biological sisters, who might get a portion of it each?

  • Stan Cadwallerder’s Forbidden Love

Gay love had been a taboo then, causing many hurdles not only for the same-sex lovers, Stan and Jim but also to all those other LGBT couples, who were deprived of their rights. It was the core reason that Cadwallader decided to wait until gay marriages were legalized in Washington, Seattle to open about his relationship with his partner, Jim Nabors. They did though, continued the relationship, away from the media’s eye for an astonishing long duration of 38 years. If this is not love then I don’t know what is?

stan cadwallader

On the 13th of January 2013, they officially tied the knot at the Fairmount Olympic Hotel, Seattle. It had been a private affair and not many were invited to the wedding ceremony apart for their close ones. Stan had already turned 64 by then.

  • Media’s Reaction to Same-Sex Marriage

We all know how the LGBT communities had to struggle for a long time until equal rights were provided for them, one being the legalization of Gay marriages. So it’s quite expected for the media to come on the couple like a parasitic leech, after the publication of their marriage.

At some point, Jim was asked about his marriage to which he had simply decided to not answer. But not too soon after he agreed to a call interview where he confessed to being in a serious relationship with Stan for a period of 38 years before the marriage. He added that he had not been happier and cherished his marriage to his lover.

  • Jim’s Death: Stan’s Gay Love

Love has no boundaries they say. It sees only love they say. This genuine love had quite stirred up the media with their same-sex marriage. We must remember the fact that it was not as acceptable as it is now. But they faced it together. Like the partner, they promised to be.

After a blessed 4 years of being legally married to each other, facing the thick and thins, Stan’s love Jim died due to failing health at their adobe in Honolulu, on the 30th of November, 2017. He had previously undergone a liver transplant after being diagnosed with hepatitis B. So it was something everyone saw coming, added his age. Stan had not remarried.