Why Risk and Safety Managers Need to Work Together

Sometimes risk and safety teams are within the same department – and risk managers may even have responsibility for the safety programs at their organization. But in other organizations, the teams are separate, meaning communication and collaboration may be limited and siloed. In many cases, risk management and safety teams use completely different technology systems...

Does Unrequited Love Really Exist? 

Love is a mutual feeling. Relationships where passion, dependence, hours of waiting for a call, rare meetings, relationships at a distance, all this has nothing to do with love. Because there is neither the one who loves nor the one they love. There are no two people in such a relationship. There is no...

Ysabel Jordan: Everything About Micheal Jordon Daughter

Ysabel Jordan
Ysabel Jordan, born on the 9th of February 2014, is the celebrity child to Michael Jordon, the legendary African-American basketball player. Ysabel is not the only child but one of the twins. Her equally famous twin is named Victoria Jordon. Baby Ysabel was the talk of the town from the time the couple was...

Todd SPIEWAK: Awesome Facts you NEED to know about JIM PARSON’S PARTNER

Todd Spiewak is a 41-year-old Producer and Art director mostly known for his association with America's most intellectual comedian, Jim Parson aka Sheldon Cooper. Todd Spiewak himself has made a name for himself in the industry both as an Art Director and as a Producer, receiving good reviews for his artistic professionalism and excellent...

Brochures Marketing: Your ULTIMATE Guide to BROCHURES DESIGNING!

Brochures are common tools for service and product advertisement. The brochure is used extensively to spread information about the product as they also take the form of pamphlets and flyers when printed. With several cheap brochure printing companies in the market, the trend of brochure advertisement is in full swing. Who’s using the brochures? Brochures are...


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