Wendy Fiore

Wendy Fiore, age 36, born in Downers Grove, Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America, is a renowned Curvy Supermodel in America and is named one of the Divas running the American Modeling Industry.

With her voluptuous body and her extroverted life-of-the-party personality, she had collected a good number of awestricken fan following. Credits to her authentic heritage, part Polish and part Italian, that helped her beauty stand out from the rest and made her walk to fame much easier.

  • Wendy’s Famous Step Father; Bud Asher

Wendy’s stepfather is a former football coach and a Politician, Bud Asher. She grew up with her biological parents for a while, the father proving to be a good father throughout her nurturing and her mother, being a dressmaker, handing down her experience to her younger self. It might have been her mother’s influence on her, as a child, that might have influenced her earlier interest in learning the art of fashion designing and hand in hand studying business. It died down with her newfound interest in modeling. Which she continued to pursue and made a career from later on.


  • Wendy Fiore’s Net Worth and Private Life

Wendy Fiore has bundled up an amazing $400 thousand from her modeling and social media fame. As seen in her active updates, it seems she is enjoying her hard earned money in the most luxurious style possible. Every day and everywhere.

All her modeling projects and promotions are handled by the company Surreal Chicago. Who is also booming with profit, having under the company, a sexy diva like her?

Aside from that, her love life is a mystery. Rumors of her link-ups with many influential persons from the entertainment industry had been published but no comments were made by Wendy. She has decided to keep her love life on low profile away from the media’s eyes.

She is also never been married to anyone nor has any children of her own yet. Giving a golden opportunity for the single lads around her. That is if she is still single…

  • Wendy’s helping hand; her Porn star Profile


Everybody knows her as the Instagram and Sexy Bombshell Model, with the hourglass body and her unique Polish and Italian heritage.

But not many know…..or maybe they do but aren’t very open about it, that she is a retired Porn star. She had made use of her Woman Card to build a firm ground for her upcoming fame.

And it worked well. In a short period of her working under the Porn Star world. It had earned her a starter up money, fame and millions of die-hard fans.

  • Her lavish Lifestyle, height, weight and body Proportions

Knowing quite well how her fame came to rise and how she had to maintain it, Wendy isn’t afraid to show it all or most of it. Her daily lavish lifestyle includes her campaigning sexy clothing that showed off her right parts to the maximum.

Keeping the media entertained and interested. We have seen her fashion the gutsiest of clothes in public and her social media account. Her body proportion builds up a pretty 5 feet 5 inches with 70 kg and 32-27-38 body measurements.