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Ysabel Jordan: Everything About Micheal Jordon Daughter

Ysabel Jordan: Everything About  Micheal Jordon Daughter

[spacer height=”20px”]Ysabel Jordan, born on the 9th of February 2014, is the celebrity child to Michael Jordon, the legendary African-American basketball player. Ysabel is not the only child but one of the twins. Her equally famous twin is named Victoria Jordon.
Baby Ysabel was the talk of the town from the time the couple was expecting them. And the tabloids boomed when the first picture of Michael Jordan was disclosed. The frenzy increased when another unexpected news was out. Michael Jordan was not a father to Ysabel but also her twin, Victoria. Her identical twin.

Ysabel’s Net worth

Ysabel has been kept away from the media’s eye as decided by her parents, Yvette, and Michael Jordan. Though Ysabel doesn’t have her own earning like the other celebrity kids through early endorsements and other ways, her father’s net worth comes up to $1.4 billion which mean she is still dependent on her famous father and his hard-earned fortune.

Ysabel’s famous father, Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the famous basketball players of all time. He has played 15 seasons in the National Basketball Association for the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls. He heights a handsome 6 feet 6 inches and shares the same birth date with his twin daughters. February 17th, 1963.
He was first wedded to Juanita Vanoy and had three kids together. One girl and two boys. They officially divorced in December 2006. His wife got a $168 million as divorce settlement which is said to be the highest amongst celebrity settlements. In 2013, he decided to tie the knot with his current wife, Yvette after being engaged for two years at the Bethesda-by-the-sea Episcopal church.

Ysabel’s mother, Yvette

Yvette Jordan originally is a model from Cuba, who eventually got married to Jordan after dating for 5 years. The couple took the next step after Yvette was expecting her twins, at the Bethesda-by-the-sea Episcopal church. They share a huge age gap of 16 years, yet it didn’t sprout any discomfort between them or their relationship.
The wedding was a big affair including A-class celebrity performances to lavish wedding preparation. Most importantly the bride was dolled up in a wedding Gown designed by no other than the World-Class J’Aton Couture.

Ysabel’s Siblings and Family Tree

Ysabel Jordan shared the womb with a twin sister, Victoria Jordan. Being the first two children from the couple but Jordan has three other children from his first marriage which recorded up to 17 years together with Juanita Vanoy. The firstborn is Jeffrey Jordan (28), Marcus Jordan (26), and daughter Jasmine Jordan(24). Their family tree comprises of Grandparents James Jordan, Deloris Jordan, Carlos Prieto, and Maria Prieto.

A little more in-depth information on Ysabel, NBA player’s twin daughter

Born to her Cuban mother, Yvette Jordon. Ysabel has a Cuban nationality alongside her father’s African-American’s. She had already turned 6 this year and her height and measurements weren’t made public yet but the end choice to name her Ysabel did come forward and it was a very biblical one. Ysabel meant Devoted to God in French and Consecrated to God in Italian. And a bonus insider would be that the twins took one extra month before welcoming this world.

The Jordans keeping Ysabel’s life in a low profile

The Jordans had been kind enough to publicize the first pictures of the celebrity children after they were born through Pinterest but no further information has been leaked. They are already 6 years now and no schooling or future commercial ads as Jordan child or a father-daughter collaboration has been made.

Ysabel’s Father, Michael Jordan’s Achievements

Throughout his basketball life, the famous NBA player has bucketed numerous awards. Here are the most prestigious ones which had to build his pillar to being the best basketball player during his time.
•He won the NBA Championship 6 times.
•he won the NBA Slam Dunk Content 2 times.
•He won the position of the NBA scoring champion 10 times.
•He was not just the NBA most valuable player 5 times but also MVP at a final 6 times.
•His biggest achievement though is fathering five wonderful children, especially the young angels.